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From my dogs, I learnt unconditional love


Since childhood my fondest memories have been of my dogs. They were my constant companions who always held a special place in my life. They've been my family and their unconditional love and unmatched loyalty is a source of happiness and pride for me.

The Kennel

I am no stranger to breeding dogs, my journey started in 1996 with breeding Great Danes, English Pointers and Spaniels. In 2001, my passion for dogs expanded to breeding Labradors. It was not until 2016, that this passion of mine became a professional pursuit. In the same year, my kennel became officially registered with Kennel Club of Pakistan (FCI) under the name “Neelum”. In the years that followed, I continued to import exceptional pedigreed dogs from Siberia and Poland. It was during that time that German Shepherds came into the horizon of my interest and with the help of my dear friend Oscar Dax, my interest in German Shepherds flourished. Since 2018,I have imported eight, gorgeous German Shepherds, who I started breeding professionally. Due to the high quality of my breeding and exceptional bloodlines of the dogs, Neelum kennels is a name acknowledged nationally and internationally.


Pakistan is a great market for working dogs, especially for security purposes like defence, rescue and search. I am currently setting up a fully functional, professional training centre for German Shepherds (IGP) which will soon start producing prestigious working dogs at the commercial level. My friends in Germany have been the greatest source of knowledge and support for this venture. In 2022, I plan to participate in the Bundessieger show in Germany, with two of my dogs that are currently being trained in Germany by a highly experienced trainer.


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