Kashmir Natural Resources

YAS-nature’s pure gift

Water is the source of life. One of the four elements of life, water is essential for human survival. Adequate hydration improves immune system and thus prevents illness. Eight to ten glasses of water a day are essential to remove toxins and keep the body and mind active. But, this essential element can also become the cause for illness if not consumed in its pure, clean form. While urbanisation and modernization have provided many facilities for us, damaging and polluting natural resources has become one of its major drawbacks. Water sources are exposed to numerous impurities, pollution and germs causing threat to the health of people. Since 2013 YAS, is striving to supply pure drinking water to its consumers. YAS obtains water from natural springs flowing out of the mountains in Azad Kashmir. This purest form of water is again treated through state-of-the-art water purifying equipment extra minerals are added through Dosing and Ozone treatment which further enhances the quality of water. For added consumer convenience YAS drinking water bottles come in a variety of sizes, making it an easy carry to work, school and home.

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